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Hi, my name's Aman Adriano, I'm a freelance web and software developer based in Palawan, Philippines. I offer (and love doing) these services : Website development, web applications development, and software development for computers and android devices. For more details please check out the info at the lower part of the page.

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To have a website is like having a home or office on the internet where everyone everywhere can reach you and contact you regarding your business offerings, prices, etc... For hotels and inns, this could give your would-be guests a preview of what they can expect from your place.

Web Applications

A web application is like a combination of a website and a software/application. You have similar functionalities with a software but you access them through your web browser. So this could be an online inventory system or ordering/shopping system which you can use on every online computer.

Computer Software

Computer software are programs run on the computer which, most of the time, automates repeated tasks or make our jobs easier like word processors, spreadsheets, database software, or drawing program. Most people are interested on the automation and database storage benefits of having a custom made software.

Android Applcations

With a lot of android devices available everywhere, it might not be a bad idea to add this to your mobile solution considering their prices. It can either be a phone or tablet device, you can have a custom android application accessible specifically for your company.

Contact Me

For inquiries and more details please contact me on the form to the right, or through my mobile and email.

Thank you for takign interest in my work. I'll reply as soon as possible.

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